Why Golden Retrievers With Zipper Nose Are Unique

If you’re like many golden retriever owners, you’d probably never heard of the term “zipper nose” before today.

And after stumbling upon it wherever you did, you’re probably wondering the same thing I did when I first came across the term.

What in the world is a zipper nose on a golden retriever?  

I’ll explain what it is in this guide, along with why your golden is unique in a good way if he or she has a zipper nose.

What Zipper Nose Is

Zipper nose is a term used to describe a specific pattern or appearance of fur on a dog’s nose.

It refers to dogs who have a central line or crease running down the middle of their snout, just above their nose.  This line can be straight, curved, or wavy.

You can probably guess, but the “zipper” in zipper nose comes from the fact that this line or crease somewhat resembles the appearance of a zipper.

This line down the center of the snout is almost always thanks to a natural cowlick on the bridge of your dog’s nose, where the fur grows in opposite directions and makes a line down the center.

Zipper nose is actually pretty common in golden retrievers, though it’s still rare enough to make your dog stand out from the pack.

And it doesn’t just occur in golden retrievers, it occurs in a number of other breeds as well.

What Causes Zipper Nose In Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers who have a zipper nose are thought to have it due to a genetic trait, though there is technically no scientific explanation as to why it occurs in some dogs.

Zipper noses are not considered a defect, and they don’t affect your golden’s health or well-being in any way.

Many golden retriever owners think of it as just another unique trait their golden possesses, and lovingly refer to zipper noses as their pup’s “racing stripe” or “mohawk”.

Is Zipper Nose Considered A Flaw?

No, zipper nose is not considered a flaw of any kind in golden retrievers or the other breeds it occurs in.

Even in the show ring, it is not considered a fault or disqualification of any kind.

Welcome To The Zipper Club – For Life

Once a zipper nose, always a zipper nose. 

If your golden has a zipper nose, you’ll likely notice it right away when they’re a puppy. And a zipper nose is not something that will fade with time or go away as your pup ages.

It’s simply the way that some of your golden’s hair grows in on their snout, and like we humans keep our cowlicks or crowns for life, so too does your golden keep theirs.

If your golden has a zipper nose, they’re unknowingly part of a very prestigious club called the “Zipper Club”.  You should be proud.

Other Breeds That Zipper Nose Occurs In

Zipper nose can and does occur in any breed, but aside from golden retrievers is most common among the following:

  • Labrador retrievers
  • German shepherds
  • Doberman pinschers
  • Aussie shepherd
  • Saint Bernards
  • Rottweilers

Final Word

If you’ve just now realized that your golden retriever has a zipper nose and is part of the Zipper Club, let me be the first to send a warm welcome to you both!

In all seriousness, a zipper nose poses no harm to your dog and is not considered a flaw of any kind.

It is simply a natural cowlick that just so happens to occur on your dog’s nose, and is one of the many adorable traits that some golden retrievers possess.

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